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Your Prompt Library for a Month of Content with AI

Updated: Apr 4

Let’s Create a Month of Content Using ChatGPT!!

I know I said I would give you prompts to create a week of content. But f it…let’s go big!! I am giving you the EXACT prompts you need to make 28 DIFFERENT pieces of content in minutes. And not just content for content sake…content that speaks to your audience, and content that actually sounds like you!!!

And just because no body asked, and its Friday, heres Barbie as an AI boss thanks to moi and a little AI (Stable Diffusion to be exact).

⌛️ Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

Here at Ai Her Way, I’m constantly searching for new ways to empower women in business, and to make complex tasks easier and more efficient. Today, I’m super excited to share my latest resource – an AI-powered prompt library specifically designed to supercharge your social media strategy! I have designed this comprehensive guide to help you harness ChatGPT to generate an entire month of captivating social media content. The resource guides you step by step, highlighting areas for you to insert your unique brand personality and objectives, ensuring the content created truly embodies your values and speaks to your ideal customer.

Whether you're an AI enthusiast or a beginner, this resource is designed to be user-friendly and highly effective. You can find the guide here.  

Using this library, you'll learn how to use AI to draft captions, recommend trending hashtags, create a content calendar, and much more. It will save you significant time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

I have seen fantastic results using this AI-powered strategy, and I’m pumped for you to experience the same. Remember, AI is not here to replace us but to assist us. And as we leverage these powerful tools, we're making a significant step towards levelling the gender playing field in business.

If you use these prompts, I would LOVE for you to share your experiences and successes using it. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance. And please, share your results, tag me or make a video. Even better - tag me in the posts that this resource has helped you create and I would be happy to re-share! Your feedback is invaluable!

Here's to creating more engaging and valuable content that drives your brand's success forward.

Stay curious and empowered,

Dr Nici

Founder, Ai Her Way

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