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Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney | Workshop

Meet Our Director,
Dr Nici Sweaney

Empowering Women and Female-Founded Businesses to think AI-First.


Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney








Dr Nici Sweaney spent almost twenty years as an academic scientist and a decade as a data scientist consulting for global organisations like the UN, World Bank, and AUS Aid before founding Ai Her Way in 2023. Nici built Ai Her Way as an AI consultancy firm for women, guiding female-founded businesses and professionals to operate "AI-first" while championing ethical practices and gender equality.


Since then, she has taught and worked with over a thousand individuals - arming them with the knowledge to utilise AI responsibly, boosting business efficiencies and enabling leaders to focus on what truly matters. She has worked with industry in sectors such as law, service industries, healthcare, and education have reached global audiences through almost 40 speaking appearances


She loves to use AI as a platform to tackle gender disparities and drive innovation. She is passionate about making AI an accessible tool for inspiring people that want to make a positive impact.

Dr Nici's passion and drive are fueled by her belief in AI's power to address universal challenges and drive meaningful societal shifts.

With Ai Her Way, she's dedicated to helping women learn how to use AI in their everyday lives so they can achieve their wildest dreams.


Join Ai Her Way, and let's work together for your success. 

Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney |  Headshot


Led by Dr. Nici Sweaney, Ai Her Way is all about making AI accessible and enjoyable for women* like you. No more sitting on the sidelines while the "bros" dominate the conversation. As a leading consultant, educator, and mentor, Dr. Sweaney brings over 15 years of experience in higher education and a Ph.D. in science to help individuals and organisations leverage AI for success.


At Ai Her Way, we believe that AI is not just a buzzword; it's a game-changer that has the potential to revolutionise how we work, create, and innovate. Our services cater to diverse needs, whether you're an individual professional looking to upskill, a small business owner seeking to optimise operations, or an organisation eager to unlock the potential of AI.


We provide tailored AI training programs, workshops, and webinars that equip you with practical knowledge, tools, and strategies to integrate AI into your work and drive results.


At Ai Her Way, we emphasise a friendly, insightful, and relatable approach to learning AI. We want to make AI not only accessible but also enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their technical background. Our goal is to empower you to confidently navigate the AI landscape, harness its potential, and achieve your goals. 

Are we your people?
Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney | Dr Robert Dyball

"Nici, in her recent presentation revealed that there are many positives here from a pedagogical perspective.  She provided real time examples of what AI can generate (which was truly fascinating to watch as words appeared rapidly onscreen), and how it can be used as a learning tool.  Students are relying on AI increasingly, and Nici walked us very effectively through ways in which we can also use it to support their learning, generate new technological skills, and to be prepared for the changing landscape of knowledge." 

Dr Robert Dyball

Associate Director Higher Degree by Research (HDR)

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