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Discover Insights, Discussions, and Highlights from Me

Hey There!

Welcome to My Podcast Page!

I'm excited to share my recent podcast appearances where I discussed all things AI. Whether you're an enthusiast or just curious, you'll find insights on AI trends, applications, and future possibilities.

Happy listening!

Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney | Remain Boss Mode Using AI with Dr Nici Sweaney | Tiffany Dawson
Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney
Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney | She's In Business with Donna Hann
Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney | Unstoppable Marketing & Mindset with Em Gee
Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney | Agtalk Podcast hosted by David Cornish
Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney | The Hustle Rebellion
Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney | AI Advantage Show with Richard Wray
Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney | Authentic AI for Entrepreneurs


1. Unconventional Success by TIFFANY DAWSON - Episode 101

Date: JULY 06, 2023
Title: Remain in Boss Mode Using AI with Dr. Nici Sweaney
Description: In this engaging discussion, we delve into a variety of compelling topics, including the anxiety of choosing just one passion to pursue, the shocking treatment she faced when announcing her first pregnancy to my boss, and crucial insights for business owners expecting a baby. Learn how I expertly organizes seven income streams while raising four children, and discover how AI plays a pivotal role in achieving my dream lifestyle. Additionally, I shared my expert tips on maximizing AI's potential as a woman in business, and much more!

2. The Podcast for Regional Business Women with DONNA HANN​ - Episode 90

Date: SEPTEMBER 11, 2023
Title: Save time on social media using AI with Dr Nici Sweaney
Description: In this insightful conversation, we explore free or low-cost AI tools that every woman entrepreneur should consider. Discover how AI can save time and boost productivity, helping women in business thrive.

3. Unstoppable Marketing & Mindset with Em Gee - Episode 26

Date: OCTOBER 10, 2023
Title: In Conversation with Dr. Nici Sweaney: AI, Ethics, and Women's Entrepreneurship
Dr. Nici's here to spill the tea on why it’s crucial for us ladies in business to befriend AI and how a dash of tech can catapult our businesses to success!

Quick Bites:

  • Discover how not jumping on the AI wagon could actually widen the gender gap!

  • Learn how to save time and boost productivity with some tools you probably haven't heard of...yet.

  • Understand why women have a unique opportunity now to shape AI in a way that’s ethical and ALL-inclusive! 💕

  • Sneak peek: Our Chat-Bot Rebel is coming to offer your business tailored advice and a virtual high-five!

4. Agtalk Podcast hosted by David Cornish - S4E2 

Date: DECEMBER 14, 2023
Title: AI and Agriculture – What’s the potential? With Dr Nici Sweaney
Description: Dr. Nicole (Nici) Sweaney's fascination with animals and science guided her career path. After earning a PhD studying butterfly interactions with farmlands and pine plantations, she recognized the potential of data and AI. This inspired her to found 'Ai Her Way,' a platform empowering women to use AI in their daily lives to achieve their dreams. Passionate about gender equality, Nici sees AI as a key tool for women to thrive in the workforce. Join us as we explore AI's benefits for those in agriculture.

5. The Hustle Rebellion by Heather Porter - Episode 105

Date: MAY 10, 2024
Title: Dr Nici Sweaney: The AI strategy you've been waiting for by The Founder of AI Her Way
Description: Dr. Nici Sweaney discusses the benefits of AI-powered automation in business and the importance of women's involvement in AI. She introduces her AI Powered Business Academy (AIPBA) and explains how it helps business owners and their teams learn and implement automation strategies. Nici also shares her insights on the future of AI-generated content and the role of human expression in distinguishing it from reality. She emphasizes the need for women to embrace AI and be part of shaping its development for social good.

6. The A.I. Advantage Show™ Evolvepreneur

Date: TBA
Title: TBA
Description: TBA

7. Authentic AI for Entrepreneurs

Date: TBA
Title: TBA
Description: TBA

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