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About Dr. Nici Sweaney

Dr. Nici Sweaney, founder of Ai Her Way, brings nearly two decades of academic and data science expertise, consulting globally for organisations like the UN and World Bank. Specialising in AI consultancy for female-founded businesses, she champions ethical AI use and gender equality. Her work, spanning law, healthcare, education, and more, has touched over a thousand individuals and graced nearly 40 speaking events worldwide.

Dr Nici Sweaney presenting in a conference
Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney | Speaking Engagements

What Dr. Sweaney Offers:

  • AI Operations Consulting: Tailored AI solutions boosting efficiency and ethical practices.

  • AI Powered Business Academy: An eight week program for women entrepreneurs to master AI integration and system building.

  • Professional Development: Workshops and seminars upskilling teams in AI strategy, literacy, and ethics.

  • Speaking Engagements: Insightful talks on AI's transformative role in society, workplace, and education, focusing on gender equality and ethical practices.

  • Education Arm: Collaborative projects with educational institutions to foster safe AI use and integrate AI into learning environments.

Speaking Experience:

With a seasoned history of speaking at conferences and workshops, Dr. Sweaney has been a voice for AI since 2023, presenting at over 40 national and international events, including those featuring luminaries like Deepak Chopra. Her talks, aimed at audiences as large as 100,000, delve into gender equality in AI, automation in the workplace, and the ethical dimensions of AI technology.

Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney | Speaking Engagements

Key Speaking


Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney | Speaking Engagements

Why Choose Dr. Sweaney for Your Next Event?

Choose Dr. Sweaney for a speaker who combines a robust scientific background with relatable, accessible insights. Her passion for ethical AI drives her to empower audiences with the knowledge to harness AI for positive societal outcomes, steering clear of dystopian fears. Known for her humor, approachability, and inspiring talks, Dr. Sweaney turns complex AI concepts into engaging, actionable wisdom, making her an unparalleled choice for those seeking to navigate the future of AI with optimism and integrity.


"Nici's seminar really opened my eyes to how I could be using AI in my work. Previously, my prompts into the AI had been clumsy and I never followed up with further questions that would have refined the response I was getting... I went home after the seminar with real excitement to put into practice the tips and tricks that Nici had mentioned, not to mention a list of new programs to try!"


For bookings and consultations, please contact

Milton, AU


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