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Hello and Welcome to Ai Her Way!

Updated: Jun 3

We're thrilled you've decided to join us on this exciting journey. At Ai Her Way, we're all about empowering women like you to unlock the incredible potential of AI in your work and everyday life. I’m Dr Nici Sweaney, your guide and cheerleader on this AI adventure!

So, what's Ai Her Way all about?

We see AI not just as a buzzword, but as a game-changer. By integrating AI tools for business and personal use, you can streamline processes, make informed decisions, and achieve jaw-dropping results. Whether you're analysing code, drafting proposals, creating art, or planning meals, AI can be your secret weapon!

At Ai Her Way, we're passionate about making AI accessible and enjoyable for all women. We're creating a space where women, including female-identifying and non-binary individuals, can have fun with AI and learn how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools for small business. Our mission? To show you how AI can save you time, boost your productivity, and help you achieve your wildest dreams. Because, let's be honest, we can't let the boys have all the fun, can we?

A bit about me…

With a Ph.D. in science, a background in data science, and 15 years of experience in higher education, I'm here to guide you on your AI journey. I absolutely LOVE to teach and share - and I've had the pleasure of helping many individuals, businesses, and organisations leverage AI for increased productivity and time savings.

I'm super passionate about AI training for women. After all, who runs the world? Girls!

Here’s What to Expect:

By subscribing to the Ai Her Way free newsletter, you'll get regular updates on AI insights, tips, and the latest news. Stay in the loop with the rapidly evolving AI landscape and discover practical ways to integrate AI into your professional and personal life. Ai Her Way is here to make AI easy to understand and enjoyable to learn!

Let's embark on this exciting AI adventure together. Remember, AI isn't just important—it's absolutely necessary for thriving in today's world. Let's show the world what women can do with AI by our side!

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. Let's make the most of AI together!

Your AI feminist bestie,

Dr Nici

(*We use "women" to encompass all female-identifying and non-binary individuals. We celebrate diversity and inclusivity at Ai Her Way.)

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