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Webinar 'From Likes to Leads' - Using AI for Social Media

Updated: Apr 4

Leverage AI today and swipe these prompts for your social media content!

Your Members-Only Recap of the ‘Likes to Leads’ Webinar: Using AI in Social Media 💗 💛 🧡

In July 2023, I hosted 'From Likes to Leads: How AI Transforms Your Social Media Game.' In this webinar I went over how to use AI in your social media management strategy.

Because you are part of the members-only area of Ai Her Way, I am also going. to share all of this content with you. I've put together some exclusive resources to help you put what you've learned into action.

🚀 Boost Your Social Media with Ai!

Firstly, here is the link to the recorded webinar, so you can enjoy me doing my best not to swear too much 🤣, as well as hear me share awesome tips on using AI for social media, whenever you want! There's also the PDF document of the webinar. It's a handy reference guide that you can revisit anytime you need a refresher on the strategies we discussed.

Next, I've compiled an eBook that details all the AI tools we discussed during the webinar. This guide will help you understand each tool's features, benefits, and how to use them effectively for your social media strategy.

(all of these files are on Google Drive, so you have trouble accessing, just let me know)

And of course, the ChatGPT prompts we used during the webinar. These prompts are designed to help you create engaging social media content, plan your content calendar, and analyse trends. Remember we used the example of the organic skincare line, so feel free to adapt these prompts to fit your brand's voice and goals. I have highlighted where you may want to change the text. Just copy, edit, paste in to ChatGPT and Voila!!

it's magic

📽️ Reel Ideas

Today, you will act as an expert in social media content creation and Instagram growth. I'm looking for an idea for an Instagram reel for my brand, 'Natural Glow', which offers organic skincare products specifically designed for women. Our target audience is women aged 20-40 who value natural, eco-friendly products for their skincare routine. Our brand voice is empowering, educational, and authentic. The reel should be engaging, visually appealing, and inspire our audience to prioritise their skincare using our organic products. Can you help generate an idea that fits these criteria? Is there any other information you need to create a more tailored suggestion?

📆 Social Media Calendar

ChatGPT, today you are an expert social media manager and content creator. I need a social media calendar for the next week for 'Natural Glow', an organic skincare brand for women. We're focusing on TikTok and Instagram. For TikTok, we need to post daily, so that's 7 posts. For Instagram, we need 4 static posts and 3 reels. The brand voice is empowering, educational, and authentic. Our target audience is women aged 20-40 who value natural, eco-friendly products for their skincare routine. The posts should be a mix of informative, inspirational, educational, marketing, and fun content. Can you generate a schedule with the date, platform, post type (static or reel for Instagram), a brief description of each post's content, a description of the type of visual that should accompany each, and then a detailed caption to be included for each post?

📈 Understanding Analytics

ChatGPT, I want you to act as an expert social media manager and strategist. I have some Instagram data from the past month for our organic skincare brand, 'Natural Glow'. We made 30 posts which received a total of 15,000 likes and 1,200 comments, and we gained 500 new followers. Our most liked post was a skincare routine video with 1,200 likes, and our least liked post was a product spotlight with 300 likes. Our followers are most active from 6 PM to 8 PM. Can you help interpret this data, identify any trends, and suggest a content strategy based on these insights?

And there you have it! As always, I would love any feedback - please share with me if you use these prompts and enjoy them, or if you want to see something else on the members-only area of Ai Her Way.

Thank you again for being a part of Ai Her Way! I'm excited to be on this AI journey with you and look forward to helping you thrive in the AI era.

Stay curious. Stay informed. Stay empowered.

Your AI feminist bestie,

Dr Nici

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