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Want to know how well your funnel is performing? I've got the AI tool for you

✦ By Dr Nici Sweaney, founder Ai Her Way

We are all here because we know the power of evergreen courses. As we all craft our funnels, we understand the importance of making sure they are engaging and that our sales pages and emails convert. And, when it comes to setting these up, thanks to Gemma’s teachings and philosophy when it comes to data - I feel like I don't have to convince you, data is everything!! It's the secret sauce to understanding your audience and transforming your funnel into an enrollment powerhouse. Without data, we have nothing. With data, we can purposefully and intentionally make our business and offers irresistible!

And today I've got an AI tool to help you take your data backed decisions to the next level. 

Introducing you to my new friend….Flowpoint

Flowpoint: Your AI-powered Analytics BFF

Flowpoint is an AI-powered website and funnel analytics platform designed specifically for people like you! It goes beyond basic metrics, offering valuable insights into customer behavior, engagement patterns, and potential conversion roadblocks within your evergreen course funnel.Think of it as having a personal data guru whispering secrets in your ear, revealing:

  • How potential students navigate your website and course content.

  • Which parts of your funnel are smooth sailing and which need a tweak.

  • Students and customers are at risk of falling off the course wagon (so you can reach out and support them before they disappear).

Here's the cool part: Flowpoint doesn't just show you the data. It translates it into actionable insights and recommendations. Based on your website and funnel performance, Flowpoint provides you with clear steps on how to:

  • Craft a seamless course experience that keeps students hooked.

  • Optimise your funnel for maximum conversions.

  • Optimise your call to action (CTAs) for higher click-through rates.

  • Refine your website content to capture student attention.

  • Tailor your email nurture sequence for increased engagement and conversions.

The Evergreen Funnel on Autopilot:

Data is the key to unlocking the full potential of your evergreen course. 

With Flowpoint, your evergreen funnel gets smarter over time, automatically adapting to your audience and learning from past successes. This means you can spend less time tweaking and more time focusing on building your course empire.

Ready to take your evergreen course to the next level?

Head over to Flowpoint's website and try it for free!

Remember, you're not alone in this journey. As your AI advocate, I'm here to help you harness the power of AI to transform your online business. If you have questions or need guidance, feel free to reach out to Ai Her Way. 

P.S. Share your experiences with using data in your course creation! Let's learn from each other and build better courses together.

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