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This 10 minute hack can lead to more clients and higher customer satisfaction - and it won't cost you a thing!

Updated: Jun 3

For most of us, freedom is pretty alluring. Freedom of time, freedom of location, and freedom of income. The idea of sipping cocktails on the beach while our sales notifications pop up is both tantalising…and, as Instagram would have us believe, also completely possible. But as our businesses grow, and more people land at our physical or digital doorstep, the more distant that dream can feel. More people means more questions,  more support, more personalised engagement, and more varied personalities that want that engagement delivered in various ways. Add to that the fact that, increasingly, people anticipate help available 24/7 - and all of a sudden, our reality of sipping cocktails while the sales roll effortlessly in, can feel a little less realistic.

That’s where AI comes in. Leveraging technology, specifically AI, is not just useful for those of us pursuing freedom, but essential. The particular tool I'm going to show you today takes less than 10 minutes to get up and running, it can help you cut customer questions by up to 70% AND increase customer satisfaction. Did I mention it's free too?

I’m talking about chatbots. And no, not those stuffy ones that ask you the same thing again and again and point you to a product you never wanted in the first place (I have nightmares about the Mecca chatbot of a few years ago…). I'm talking about chatbots that use NLP (natural language processing) to be able to understand your customers with all their nuances, and still able to provide useful and helpful advice and support. 

If you don't yet have a chatbot working on your website, here’s why you want one:

  • Automated Efficiency: Instantly handle inquiries, appointments, and sales processes without lifting a finger.

  • Personalised Customer Interactions: Provide tailored experiences that make customers feel valued and understood.

  • Always Available: Offer round-the-clock responses to your customers, accommodating their needs any time of day.

  • More Leads: chatbots start a conversation with EVERYONE that lands on your website or sales page, meaning you can gather more details, more effortlessly, than ever before. 

Now, there’s lots of platforms out there to help you create a chatbot without having to know code. Ive used several for myself and my clients, but one of my favourites for speed and ease, is WonderChat

I've laid out a simple, 10-minute setup guide that can dramatically decrease your workload, increase customer and client satisfaction, and keep those sales and booking notifications coming.

1. Navigate to Wonderchat, and click on ‘start free trial’ (note you can use this for free forever)

2. Customise your chatbot: Easily customise your chatbot to match your brand’s style and voice. Upload an avatar and set your brand colors to make it truly yours. (**Tip - if you don’t have an avatar, use an AI image generator like MidJourney or Canva to create an avatar in your brand colours).

3. Train your chatbot: Now this is where the chatbot gets cool - upload your FAQs, service descriptions, or product details to train your chatbot to respond accurately to customer queries. Have the chatbot read your entire website (and all its sub-directories) by just sharing a single url. 

4. Engage and capture leads: Set your chatbot to initiate conversations with every visitor, enhancing engagement and capturing valuable lead information effortlessly. Theres lots of features to play with. (**Tip - there is an option to set the ‘creativity’ of the bot. The higher the number, the more creative the answers will be. I like a bit of "personality" so I usually set mine between 0.3-0.6. Play around to see what you like and what suits your brand.)

5. Click on Create. You’re done! In moments, its ready!! When your chatbot has finished learning all about you and your business, click on 'View Chatbot' - here you'll be able to send messages and see how your chatbot responds. If you want to tweak something, simply go back and edit the features.

6. When you're happy with your chatbot, its time to deploy it on your website. Click on dropdown trigger, and then click on Embed to website.Click on Copy to clipboard. You can either copy as a widget or as a stand alone page. (in this example, I chose a widget). Then head to your website editing platform, and pop in the code.

7. You’re all set! You can see here what it looks like on my page. Your chatbot can interpret natural language, answer questions, and point potential clients and students to more information. YAY for automation!

You’re done! If you create a WonderChat bot I would love to see it - simply tag me @ai_herway and share. I love automating business tasks - and what better reason to automate than for something that is going to make your customers and clients feel like they have every answer they need, in an instant!

Here’s to more cocktails by the beach.

The AI Automation Queen

Dr Nici Sweaney

Ai Her Way

Oh - and if you liked this - I captured this entire process using Tango. It watches what you do and creates a step by step procedure, with instructions, and links - instantly! I use it for creating guides for inside my evergreen course, for lead magnets, and great downloadable digital offers, as well as for training staff and creating SOPs. Yas please! You can get 15% off here>

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