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Tech the Halls: Your Productivity Wonderland awaits!

Updated: Apr 4

✦ In this edition, we're unveiling strategies that will not only take the load off your holiday shoulders, but also set the stage for a remarkably productive season.

Hey there! 💌

I can not fathom that it is this time of year!!! From the bottom of my heart, I really do wish you a happy holiday season - I hope that amongst the chaos and family and all the freakin' mental load that falls on us at this time of year...I hope you take a solid moment to congratulate yourself on the year that was. Whatever you have done, big or small, I know there have been sprinkles of pure inspired genius and dazzling action throughout the year - because you my dear, are amazing! 

So well done. 


But speaking of the silly season...and all that mental load that falls on us... I have just a few little ideas that I really think will help. No surprises here....but I see AI as a way of helping alleviate the stress from this time of year. So below I have a range of AI tools and tips - some focused on automating your business so you can ACTUALLY relax, and a few more ideas of how you can use AI to offload some of the superfluous cr*p we deal with at this time of year. 

🎁 Gifts of Efficiency: AI Tips for the Holidays

Explore these handpicked AI hacks to help you streamline tasks during the busy holiday season. Let's ensure you get time to actually unwind and relax, while still supporting your business goals. 

  1. ManyChat - Put your Lead Gen on Autopilot: When you're navigating the holiday rush, engaging promptly with customers can be challenging. ManyChat is here to help. If you aren't already using it - look in to it! This AI chat system handles inquiries seamlessly, allowing you to maintain high customer engagement with minimal manual effort. It's an essential tool for ensuring your business stays responsive and connected, even when you're taking well-deserved time off.

  2. Inbox Narrator - Tackle Inbox Overload: The holiday season often means an overflowing inbox that you just CBF dealing with. Narrator is pretty awesome - it connects to your Gmail account, summarises your new emails using AI, and delivers these summaries to your voice assistant, such as Siri or Google Assistant, every morning. This tool is a game-changer for managing your email efficiently, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters in your business and life.

  3. ChatGPT - Social Media Helper: Keeping content fresh and engaging is key, especially during the festive season. ChatGPT offers an easy and accessible way to create captivating content that resonates with your audience. Whether it's crafting thoughtful posts or timely responses, this tool helps you maintain a strong social media presence, ensuring your brand's voice stays consistent and compelling.

  4. RunWay ML - Simplify Video Content Creation: Video content is king, but creating it can be time-consuming. Runway ML enables you to produce professional-quality videos effortlessly, a big bonus for your marketing efforts. This tool is perfect for crafting those eye-catching holiday campaign videos, saving you time and energy while elevating your brand's visual storytelling.

  5. Calendly - Your Time Manager: Balancing business and personal time during the holidays is a juggling act. Calendly offers a streamlined approach to managing your schedule. It synchronises with your calendar, allowing clients and colleagues to book time without the back-and-forth. As you might know, I am a big fan of time blocking to ensure we have moments to relax and rejuvenate as well as kick some massive business goals! 

🔔 Dump the mental load on AI!

Tis the season when the mental load of holiday prep falls squarely on our shoulders. Booooo. Let's flip the script and make leverage AI to rise above the seasonal chaos. Here are 5 super practical ways to offload to AI.

  1. 1. Recipe Revolution with ChatGPT+: If you can't bear the thought of prepping another bloody's an idea. Have the kids, your uncle Frank, your partner or any one of the 70 other people at your house snap a pic of the fridge's contents and let ChatGPT+ suggest recipes. They'll love bragging rights about their cool tech trick, and you get to skip the meal prep headache. 🍳📸

📆 AI Her Way Countdown to 2024

Mark your calendars for our New Year Countdown! We'll be sharing insights, setting intentions, and gearing up for a year filled with growth, learning, and success. Don't miss out!

Wishing you a tech-savvy and joyous holiday season!


Dr Nici

Founder, Ai Her Way

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