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Introduction to Generative AI for Your Business

Updated: Apr 4

Hey there you bright star!! 🌟

Today, I have some exciting news that we believe will add immense value to your AI journey.

🤫 Exclusive Access: Introduction to Generative AI for Your Business

Recently, I hosted a 2-hour workshop tailored for women in business, focused on the world of Generative AI. Given the overwhelming positive feedback and the transformative insights shared, I've decided to gift this workshop to our cherished subscribers - yes, that means you! And the best part? It's absolutely FREE!

🌟 Workshop Highlights:

  • Understanding AI: A comprehensive introduction to the world of artificial intelligence.

  • Demystifying Generative AI: What is it? How does it differ from other AI models?

  • Exploring Major AI Models: Dive into the main models in the market and understand their unique attributes.

  • Practical Applications: Discover what you can achieve with Generative AI through real-world use cases.

  • A PERFECT AI Foundation: I’m passionate about ethical AI use and so I truly believe that before you get excited about the possibilities (and boy there are MANY), you need to understand its ethical implications, safety measures, and the art of crafting effective prompts. This workshop covers exactly that!

This workshop is not just an introduction, it's designed to equip you with the knowledge you need before venturing into more advanced AI applications and tools. Whether you're a beginner or someone looking to refresh their understanding, this workshop has something for everyone.

How to Watch It?

Simply click below to access the workshop. I recommend setting aside some uninterrupted time to make the most of this learning experience (or watching it in 20min.

💕 A Little Request:

If you find value in this workshop, please consider sharing your feedback with me (just reply to this email). Your insights help me create even better content tailored to your needs.

Thank you for being a part of the Ai Her Way community. I’m committed to empowering you with the best resources and knowledge in the AI domain.

Stay curious and keep innovating!

Dr Nici

Founder, Ai Her Way

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