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How do you actually know what to do with AI in your business?

Here’s your step by step guide to strategic AI use to save time and increase your revenue (freebie included)

We know AI is a big deal. 

It’s more than a big deal, it’s monumental. 

But the leap from acknowledging its importance to actively implementing it is where many, many entrepreneurs and businesses pause (and I should know, having consulted with dozens of businesses over the last few months around this very topic). 

With research indicating that AI integration can boost business revenue by up to 40% and slash operational costs by 20-35%, the question isn't if you should adopt AI, but how and when. You deserve more than just a piece of this pie - you deserve a strategic slice that ensures longevity and relevance as we step boldly into the new technological era. 

Whether you're looking to cut costs, boost efficiency, or innovate at scale, AI is the key—but unlocking its potential requires a roadmap.

That's where the Stages of AI Application come into play. This is your guide to how to start with generative AI, and to scale these learnings to really take your business to the next level.

  • Prompting

The exploration begins here. Like learning a new language, you start with the basics—asking questions, understanding potential, and identifying initial AI opportunities. This is where most people are, if you have played around with large language models like ChatGPT, Gemini and Claude. But this is just where the fun begins!

  • AI Automations

Once you've grasped the fundamentals, you'll start to automate simple, time-consuming tasks. This is about finding the quick wins that boost your confidence in AI technologies.

  • AI Assistants

As you grow more comfortable, AI becomes a collaborative partner. You'll develop tools that augment your expertise, helping you make smarter decisions faster.

  • AI Workflows

Integration is key at this stage. You're not just using AI; you're weaving it into the very fabric of your business processes for a deeper, strategic impact.

  • AI Operating Ecosystems

The pinnacle of your AI journey. Here, AI isn't just a part of your business—it's driving it. Modular AI architectures work tirelessly towards your overarching business goals.

The Automation Opportunity Checklist: Your AI Roadmap

Now that you know that AI integration is much more than just using ChatGPT, it's crucial to be able to identify where it can make a tangible impact in your operations. To aid you in this journey, I'm sharing an exclusive resource usually reserved for students of the AI Powered Business Academy.

This comprehensive guide empowers you to systematically assess your business processes and spotlight areas ripe for automation. Whether it's streamlining operations or enhancing decision-making, this checklist is your first step towards unlocking efficiency and innovation.

Exclusive Access for Ai Her Way Readers

As a token of appreciation for your continued support and curiosity in AI, I'm providing you with free access to this invaluable tool. Use it to pinpoint automation opportunities that could save time, reduce costs, and escalate your revenue—essentials for any business poised for growth in the AI era.

Note: This link grants you direct access to the checklist. Consider it your first step towards automation mastery.

Enroll in the AI Powered Business Academy: Elevate Your Expertise

With AIPBA's enrolment open this month, seize the opportunity to deepen your understanding of AI and its applications. This self-paced course, supplemented with bi-weekly practical classes and an active community group, offers:

  • Hands-on experience in building automations.

  • Expert advice and peer support.

  • Lifetime access to the course content and all future updates.

Join us at the AI Powered Business Academy, where learning meets practical application, empowering you to not just follow but lead in the age of AI.

Together, Let's Navigate the Future of Business with AI

Lead the Change: Share the Knowledge

If this journey of AI empowerment excites you, spread the word. Share this newsletter with the visionary women in your network, and let's grow together in harnessing AI's potential.

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