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AI Powered Business Academy

Learn how to put your tasks on Auto Pilot, Create Your Own 24/7 Virtual Assistant AND Save at Least 15 Hours a Week!


We are accepting a new cohort starting May 2024. The course is self -paced with live calls, and support available. Students also have access to weekly "AIPBA Build Clubs" to build automations together no matter what experience level.

Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney | AI Powered Business Academy

Early Adopters of AI are Set to DOUBLE Their Cashflow! Are you One of Them??

Are you a driven female entrepreneur who feels overwhelmed by the daily demands of your business? It's time to embrace AI and transform your business!

Welcome to 'The AI Powered Business Academy,' with Dr Nici Sweaney (me). Embark on a Transformative Journey with the AI Powered Business Academy. This is your exclusive opportunity to learn the art of creating your AI-powered virtual assistant capable of automating all those repetitive tasks in your business.

Meet Dr. Nici Sweaney, Your AI Guide

Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney

"I'm Dr. Nici Sweaney, and I'm here to guide you on an AI journey that will transform your business. With my years of experience and expertise, I've harnessed the power of AI to unlock the secrets of business efficiency, and now I'm ready to share my knowledge with you."

Unburden Your Business, Unleash the Future

You're running your own show. And that means, you're doing ALL the things. You're not only working on strategy, you're also juggling emails, administration, social media, marketing, bookings, client onboardings, staffing issues, diary management, responding to calls, vetting leads...the list goes on. All this while finding time for yourself and your family can feel impossible.


The AI Powered Business Academy is here to change that. 


Ive helped hundreds of women leverage AI to automate tasks, saving them at least 15 hours a week, and opening up new ways of gaining revenue. I've consulted for some of the biggest brands, and worked with inspiring entrepreneurs just like you. And now, I want to teach you how to do the same.  

Not only can you achieve real results, but you can fully automate your business processes. Once you've put in the initial foundations, your AI-powered virtual assistant takes over, allowing you to reclaim your time and say goodbye to the daily grind of trading your time for money. 

It sounds fantastic, doesn't it? You might be wondering where to start, and the good news is that it's easier than you think, especially when you follow my proven system. 

*The course runs for 6 weeks, and you'll have lifetime access to all the classes and resources (including any and all updates - because we all know how fast the AI world moves!!)

Introducing The AI Powered Business Academy

My brand-new plan is designed to help you swiftly implement a successful AI strategy without the overwhelm. I'll share the exact methods I used to build my business (and many others businesses) using AI. Join us on this incredible journey!

Course Highlights

AI Ethics and Safety

Navigate AI's complexities with confidence and ethical understanding.

Advanced AI Prompting

Master the art of advanced prompting to maximize the potential of gen

erative AI tools like ChatGPT.

Choosing the Right AI Tools

Learn to select the perfect AI tools for your specific business needs.

Automations & Workflow

Streamline your processes with smart, AI-driven automations.

Practical Business Use Cases

Discover real-world applications of AI that will transform your business


Building Your AI Assistant

Create a customised AI assistant to handle repetitive tasks, giving you more time to focus on growth and strategy.

Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney

PLUS Exclusive Offers:

Live Weekly Calls

Get all your questions answered in real-time with our live weekly calls, ensuring continuous support and guidance.

Exclusive Tool Discounts

Enjoy special discounts on AI tools exclusively for Academy members, enhancing your AI toolkit without breaking the bank.

Expert Presentations

Learn from the best in the business with exclusive presentations on marketing strategy, automations, and effective business strategy, all through the lens of AI.

Community & Mentorship

Engage with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and receive direct Q&A sessions with Dr. Nici, fostering a supportive learning environment.

Ready-to-Use Resources

Access swipe files and prompt libraries tailored for immediate use, streamlining your AI integration process.

Practical Application

Build and implement custom AI automations for your business. Whether it’s setting up email automation or social media content creation, by the end of this course, you’ll have a functioning AI system tailored to your business needs.

Transform Your Business with AI


Automate Your Task

Learn to create AI systems that handle tasks like email management or social media research, freeing up your time for strategic growth.


Tailored to Your Needs

Start with an initial consultation to customise the course to your unique business objectives.


Community and Support   

Join a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, sharing insights and experiences in AI.


Hands-On Learning Experience

Move beyond theoretical knowledge – build practical AI solutions that you can implement immediately in your business.


Personalised Approach

Each module is designed with your business in mind, ensuring relevant and applicable learning.


​Immediate and Long-Term Benefits

See immediate improvements in efficiency and strategise for long-term business growth with AI.

Ai Her Way | Dr Nici Sweaney

Why Enroll in the AI Powered Business Academy?

  •  Save Time & Increase Efficiency: Automate routine tasks and focus on what truly matters in your business. 

  •  Gain a Competitive Edge: Use AI to innovate and stay ahead in your industry. 

  •  Cost-Effective Solution: For the price of a one-month VA hire, get a tool that works for you year-round. 

  •  Tailored Learning Experience: Start with an initial consultation to tailor the course to your unique business

Unlock Professional Development Opportunities

Are you eager to advance your skills and boost your career? AI Powered Business Academy isn't just a course—it's a gateway to professional growth and development. You can now leverage your AI Powered Business Academy enrolment as a powerful tool for securing funding from your employer. 


Download our template document below and present it to your boss to showcase how investing in your AI education will benefit both you and the company. 

Inspired watching all the modules. Love this: "If you want to write researched custom emails with customer data pulled from LinkedIn..." Brilliant. There is no much "I don't know".
Exciting times.

Em Pescott at Promotable You

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